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Second Street Players  /  Riverfront Theater  /  2 South Walnut St.  /  Milford, DE 19963  / TIX: (800) 838-3006  /
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An Evening of Culture Faith County II: The Saga Continues

written by Mark Landon Smith  /   directed by Melissa Brenner

Director Melissa Brenner and Assistant Director Gina Shuck announce auditions for SSP's spring production of An Evening of Culture Faith County II: The Saga Continues. The comedy has us revisiting a small town in Arkansas where a motley crew of local players attempt to bring to life the Bard’s old classic, Romeo and Juliet, on their cheaply built and constantly collapsing stage. Hilarity ensues as it soon becomes evident none are too sure of their lines; some are too old for their roles, the set is falling apart around their ears, and a dog is constantly barking off stage!

We are looking for a cast of 8 adult actors: 5 women and 3 men of any age or race. The directors are open to creative cross gender casting in keeping with the Shakespearean tradition, so be prepared to read both male and female parts. We will be asking participants to read selected excerpts from the script as well as a short Shakespearean monologue which we will provide. Southern accents preferred.

Sunday, FEB 14 (3:00p until 5:00p) and
Monday, FEB 15 (7:00p until 9:00p)

Auditions will take place at the following address:
Occupational Therapy of Delaware (location map)
550 S DuPont Hwy., Suite E
Milford, DE 19963

NOTE: Standard COVID safety procedures will be in place and strictly adhered to. All participants must be masked properly. (Bandannas and pulled up turtlenecks not allowed). Proper masks will be available on site, if needed, along with hand sanitizer.

If interested in auditioning, please contact Melissa Brenner, Director ( or Gina Shuck, Asst. Director ( by email, letting us know which night or nights you are available. They will get back to you with your assigned date/time. If you cannot attend either of these dates, they will make every effort to offer you a private audition via zoom.

The Performance Dates

4 Live performances: Friday, APR 23; Saturday, APR 24 and Saturday, MAY 1; Sunday, MAY 2
2 Streaming performances: Sunday, APR 25 and Friday, APR 30.

Character List

Violet Farkle: The director; any age; sweetly Southern, optimistic and long-suffering with her cast of goofballs.

Mildred Carson: Older busy body who is playing the role of Juliet and takes herself WAY too seriously.

Delbert Fink: Local Pig farmer and set builder, neither of which he does too well. Any age, plays the prince when he’s not busy jerry-rigging the stage.

Faye McFaye: Flirty, youngish (but doesn’t have to be?) checker at the local A&P. Has the hots for Delbert. Plays the role of the nurse.

Ruthann Barns: Wife of the Reverend Ezekiel Barns, local Moral Majority leader and President of the Mineola Council for Cultural Recognition. She plays the role of the Servant and the Friar. Mid 30’s or older.

Naomi Farkle Carson: Wife of Luther Carson, owner of the BeeLuvLee Beauty Salon. Grudgingly plays the role of Juliet’s mother; 30ish.

Luther Carson: Naomi’s husband, owner of Luther’s Lunen Tune. Plays Benvolio. 30ish. A handy guy, but clueless about theater.

Bubba Bedford: Owner of Bubba’s Gas n Go who’s a bit simple minded and much to Mildred’s consternation, plays the role of Romeo. 20-30 ish.