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Second Street Players present

Agatha Christie's Classic Courtroom Mystery

Witness for the Prosecution

directed by Steven Dow
assistant director Brandon Twilley

Fridays, FEB 7 and 14 at 8:00p
Saturdays, FEB 8 and 15 at 8:00p
Sundays, FEB 9 and 16 at 3:00p

The Riverfront Theatre
2 South Walnut Street  /  Milford, Delaware 19963

Only Agatha Christie could have conceived such a suspenseful thriller... and then she capped it with an uncanny triple-flip ending.

A young married man spends many evenings with a rich old woman. When she is found murdered, the naive young man finds himself the chief suspect.

The testimony of his wife can prove his innoncence, but when she takes the stand she denies his alibi. Can he escape the hangman's noose?

If you are a fan of mystery, and if you love to figure out "Whodunnit?" you won't want to miss Witness for the Prosecution.
Riverfront Theater
In Order of Appearance

Greta...  Amy Denham
Carter..  Rex Batchelor
Mr. Mayhew...  John Zinzi
Leonard Vole...  Sean Finley
Sir Wilfred Robarts, Q.C....  Steve Givens
Inspector Hearne...  Donald Lonski
Plain-Clothes Detective/Policeman...  Jeremy Clifton
Romaine...  Kristen Boehmer
Clerk of the Court/Usher/Warder...  David W. Hall
Mr. Justice Wainwright...  Peter Appel
Mr. Myers, Q.C....  Brandon Twilley
Barrister...  John J. Adams
Dr. Wyatt...  Leroy Andrews
Janet Mackenzie...  Maria Fry
Mr. Clegg...  Arthur Reeves
Woman...  Darnetta Rune
Girl...  Heather Halliburton
Director... Steven Dow
Assistant Director...  Brandon Twilley
Producer...  Robin Twilley
Stage Manager...  Janice Hall
The Milford Beacon

Second Street Players' 'Witness for the Prosecution' to take the stand

by Andre Lamar
andre.lamar@doverpost.com  /  @302DoAndre
February 06. 2014 3:30PM

Playwright and novelist Agatha Christie is the queen of creating stories that pack more twists than a roller-coaster and more turns than a doorknob.

The Second Street Players will keep audiences guessing with Christie's thriller "Witness for the Prosecution" at Riverfront Theatre this entire weekend. The show will kick off Second Street's 2014 season.

In "Witness for the Prosecution," a likeable young man in the 1950s named Leonard Vole spends many evenings with a rich older woman, who has included him in her will. While the woman knows Vole is a charming man, she isn't aware that he's a married one.

When she's found murdered, the naïve Vole finds himself the chief suspect.

Fighting for his life in a British court of law, Vole, played by Sean Finley, gets blindsided when his wife, Romaine, decides to testify against him.
Defense attorney Sir Wilfred Robarts, played by Steve Givens, knows he has to pull every trick out of the hat now if he wants to get Vole off the hook from the clever Romanine, played by Kristen Boehmer.

"The story's very much a cat-and-mouse game between Sir Wilford and Romaine," said Givens.

"One of the reasons why Romaine gets under his skin so much is because he can't immediately dismiss her as being some over-emotional female."
"She comes in and she's very cool, collected and she's deflecting his questions, and he's not used to having his questions deflected. He's very used to getting information out of people that he wants to get."

Romaine's personality is what attracted Boehmer to the role.

"She's a femme fatale," said the Magnolia resident. "She's the woman I love to hate."

Meanwhile, Romaine's husband feels like he's been wrongly placed in a rattrap as he sits in a prisoner's dock.

"It makes you feel like you're this caged animal on display, and your stomach drops a little bit when you're sitting in it for the first time," said Finley, of Dover. "I can't just get up and walk away. Your freedom is completely gone."

Rookie director Steven Dow was drawn to "Witness for the Prosecution" because it's not your typical Christie story.

"It's a mystery thriller but it's also a courtroom drama, and that is what makes it different," said Dow, of Milford. "It's both in one."
Being a fan of the film, Dow didn't even know the play existed until last spring.

"I love Agatha Christi and I was a big fan of the movie," he said. "My wife and I were watching the movie and she said, 'I wonder if that's been a show on Broadway?' and I said, 'Why don' we look it up.' So we looked it up, and it indeed was."

Sean Finley pleads for his innocence as he portrays Leonard Vole, a man accused of murder in the Second Street Players' production of the thriller mystery "Witness for the Prosecution."