About the Show...

The Gin Game, a 1978 Pulitzer Prize winning powerhouse written by D.L. Coburn, is a tragicomedy in two acts. Serving up equal portions of "laugh out loud" hilarity and gut-wrenching angst, the show centers around a man and a woman who meet on the porch of a run down nursing home that’s seen better days.

Feeling as though they don’t belong, Weller and Fonsia form a bond over their mutual distaste for their current circumstances and their enjoyment of playing gin together. They find in one another intellectual companionship and perhaps a hint of something more.

But something goes awry. Weller becomes increasingly frustrated as Fonsia proceeds to win game after game. It soon becomes evident that this is not simply about a game of cards, but a battle of wills. As their card playing becomes more volatile, Weller and Fonsia spar relentlessly towards a stunning finale.

Patrons should be advised that there is some strong language in this show.

The Cast

Fonsia Dorsey...   Gina Shuck
Weller Martin...   Steven Perry

The Production Team

​Director...   Chris Miller
Assistant Director... Marge Ventura
Producer... Ann Nichols
Set Designer...   Ed O’Connor
Videographer...   Teresa Rodriguez
Stage Manager, Photographer, Sound Design...
Len Willens
Stage Crew...   Dawn Nickerson
Light Tech...   Karen Marshall
Sound Tech...   Cate Marshall
Props...   Steven Perry
Costumes...   Cast
Programming...   Steven Haber
Public Relations...
Ann NicholsSaraKate HammerGina Shuck
Hospitality...   Guy Crawford
Webmaster...   John Zinzi

About the Show...
Second Street Players / Riverfront Theater / 2 South Walnut St. / Milford, DE 19963 / TIX: (800) 838-3006 / info@secondstreetplayers.com
Second Street Players 2023 Presents
The Gin Game
written by D. L. Coburn
directed for SSP by Chris Miller

Fridays JAN 27 & FEB 3 at 7:00p
Saturdays JAN 28 & FEB 4 at 7:00p
Sundays JAN 29 & FEB 5 at 2:00p

SSP's Riverfront Theater - 2 South Walnut Street, Milford DE

Reserved Seat Tickets: $20
($1 discount offered for Seniors, Students, and SSP Members)
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The Gin Game
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