by Michele L. Vacca
(based on the C. Collodi novel)

This venerable children's tale of a sweet-but-silly puppet that comes to life attains moments of real theatrical magic.

The best of these occurs when Pinocchio comes to life. Pinocchio at first droops motionless atop the work table on which he was carved. But as Geppetto the puppet-maker looks away to reach for a paintbrush, Pinocchio leaps across the table. The puppet master can't understand how the wooden figure seems to change its position every time he glances away. Geppetto discovers what we already know: Pinocchio is no ordinary puppet. 

Before long, Geppetto and his creation are carrying on like old friends and soon Pinocchio tries to master the difficult skills of walking and talking. The puppet points to his foot and calls it his nose; he motions to a chair, calling it a school. And once he has the vocabulary thoroughly confused, he jumps from the table to test his rickety puppet legs. He bobs around the workshop with the greatest finesse, until the momentum of his effort sends him tumbling into a high speed pratfall.
Pinocchio...   Colby CrawfordGeppetto...   Guy Crawford
Master Cherry / Fire Eater...   Josh GrossBlue Fairy...   Jessie Mastriana
Harlequin...   Jacob WaddyColumbine...   Maddie Mastriana
The Fox, Sandor S. Swindle...   Sydney GrossThe Cat, Sydney...   Abigail Aleman
Candlewick...   Brodie SappBarker...   Heath Yarnall
Cricket...   Madison SmithCoachman...   Alyson Parola
Angelina...   Monica MorrowBernardo / Luigi...   Seth Wilcox
Serafina...   Kristy ParsonsGiovanni...   Kody Yarnall
Portia...   Bethany CulpVittore / Lorenzo...   Dawson Gehrke
Pietra...   Megan BuschePietro...   Bella Howard
Romana...   Alisabeth StevensonJulietta...   Jacklynn Gross
Pantalone...   Addie HammerMirandolina...   Tali Keen
Gina...   Karaline GillespieSofia...   Becca Yarnall
Francesca...   Kenzie CrawfordGuida...   Isabella Biasi
Maria...   Maxine MegeeSantina...   Emma Culp
Donkeys & Townsfolk
Emma Barrows     •     Lillie Culp     •     Samantha Culp
Daisey Mastriana     •     Corynn Rothermel

- - - - - - - - 

Director...   Tammy Crawford
Co-Director...   Isa Aleman
Producer...   Josh Gross
Choreographer...   Sydney Gross
2016 Children's Dessert Theater
Friday JUN 3 at 7:00p
Saturday JUN 4 at 7:00p
Sunday JUN 5 at 1:00p

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Pinocchio's curiosity leads him, of course, to run away from home in the pursuit of adventure; and whenever he finds himself in a jam he meets up with the Blue Fairy. But, if the Blue Fairy is always there to bail Pinocchio out, the mischievous Candlewick seems just as likely to cause trouble. He lures the puppet into every prank and scheme imaginable.

In the end, however, Pinocchio finally proves that he's learned to be brave and unselfish. The Blue Fairy grants the lonely Geppetto's wish for a son of his own, and Pinocchio awakens to find that he has become a real boy at last.