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STREET KIDS 2014 Summer Presentation...
About the Show...
The classic story of Aladdin, his monkey sidekick Alakazam and the beautiful Princess Jasmine never fails to entertain young audiences.

Evil magician Jammal tries to trick Aladdin in a malicious scheme to acquire a magical lamp containing a wish-granting genie.  But Aladdin tricks Jammal and claims the magic lamp for himself, using its power to win the princess and impress the Sultan.

But through another wicked ploy, Jammal regains possession of the lamp and kidnaps Jasmine!  To set things right, Aladdin must face Chop-Chop, the merciless executioner.  At last, Aladdin and Jasmine are reunited, and Jammal is transformed into a new person.

In this delightful version of this timeless story by Tim Kelly, you’ll also meet three genies: the whining Ali “Bubba,” the fire-breathing dragon, and the haughty sultan’s wife. 

The whole family will enjoy The Magical Lamp of Aladdin.
Program Director...
Sharon Buchanan
Program Mentors...
Bill Walton
Guy Crawford
Josh Gross
All tickets for STREET KIDS 2014 are
General Admission
Pay-at-the-Door... No Reservations
written by Tim Kelly
SHOW DATES: AUG 1 - 2 - 3
Friday & Saturday 7:00p / Sunday 1:00p
at SSP's Riverfront Theater in downtown Milford, DE

Jammala   Sydney Gross   lights / costuming / publicity
Halima   Nolah Walton   producing /costuming
Genie of the Ring   Madison Mastriana   set art
Scheherazade   Lauren Tucci   artist / costuming
Neela   Michaela Tucci   art (dragon)
MotherRebecca Yarnell   costuming / make-up team
Merchant Woman   Ava Reeves   costuming
Neighbor   Nakira Brittingham   costuming
Alakazam   Hunter Voshell   set art / art (dragon)
Aladdin   Dawson Gerke   lights / art (dragon)
Chop-Chop   Cole Pope   set design / art
Princess Jasmine   Alexis Waddy   costuming / sound team
Zara   Ally Collier   costuming
Sheba   Ryley Lovin   costuming
Queen Sultana   Aylish Walton   sound designer
Sultan   Jayson Felker   light design / set art
Ali Bubba   Jacob Adkins   set art
Dragon   Colby Crawford   set designer / art / publicity / art (dragon)
Genie of the Jewels   Haley Cummings   costuming
Genie of the Lamp   Tali Keen   set art
Body of the Dragon   Jacob Waddy   set design / art
Body of the Dragon   Landon Felker   set art
Villager   Rachael Adkins   costuming

Libby Dissinger   director
Kenzie Crawford   light design / lights & sound operator / costumer
Calvin Atkins   stage manager

The Second Street Players' STREET KIDS program is a special summer activity for children which culminates with the performance of a full stage presentation: "A show for kids by kids." 

Children ages 8 through 18 fill the roles of assistant director, producer, set designer, stage manager, lighting designer, tech crew, and stage crew in addition to being cast in onstage roles to perform the show.

Learning by doing and having fun while learning. That's SSP's STREET KIDS!

The Magical Lamp of Aladdin is a show by kids for kids. Here they are putting the show together: rehearsing, sewing, building a dragon and learning how to put on make up. The kids are always excited to be there and to have a job to do to help put the show together.

SSP's STREET KIDS program is free to the kids and the program is paid for completely by the ticket sales. 
Friday Night performance is
Pay What You Can... Donations Only!

Saturday & Sunday Prices:
$5.00 Child / $10.00 Adult
Curtain Time:
Friday & Saturday... 7:00p  /  Sunday... 1:00p