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Second Street Players  /  Riverfront Theatre  /  2 South Walnut St.  /  Milford, DE 19963  /  (302) 422-0220  /  info@secondstreetplayers.com
Second Street Players present
Children's Dessert Theatre

adapted by Stephen Hotchner
co-directed by Bill Walton and Paula Smith

Friday, October 18 at 7:00p
Saturday, October 19 at 1:00p
Sunday, October 20 at 1:00p

Bring the whole family because for this show


is Pay What You Can / Donation Only at the door!

The Riverfront Theatre
2 South Walnut Street  /  Milford, Delaware 19963

This clever and charming adaptation by Stephen Hotchner of the classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty is a wild, comic romp.

Despite warnings from her hysterical, hyper mother, sweet Briar Rose touches the thorns of some roses given to her by that devious thirteenth fairy. Consequently, she and the rest of the royal family fall asleep for 100 years under the evil fairy’s curse.

A hilarious parade of doomed princes fall again and again in the hissing, growling briar bushes that protect the palace where the royal family sleeps.  All these royal efforts are futile until a prince shows up with his side-splittingly funny bodyguard, the two-headed troll.

It’s "back-to-back" nonsense as the two heads drive the prince mad by finishing each other’s (and his) sentences, encouraging him to kiss Briar Rose. Did we forget to mention this prince has a serious kissing phobia?!

You’ll love the clever plot, comical characters, lively stage action, and surprise twist! Fun for all ages, don't miss SSP's Briar Rose--The Tale of Sleeping Beauty.
Riverfront Theater
Fri-Sat-Sun OCT 18-19-20, 2013

Briar Rose - Elizabeth Stalker
Queen - Allie Buchanan
King - Curt Garritson
Baker - Dawson Gehrke
Twelfth Fairy - Aylish Walton
Thirteenth Fairy - Nolah Walton
Doomed Prince - Zach Stutzman
Doomed Prince 2 - Colby Crawford
The Prince - Jayson Felker
Two Headed Troll - Arthur Paul and Michael Forrest

Fairies, Sewers, Bakers, and Doomed Princes
Jordan Brzezicki • Rachel Brzezicki • Ally Collier
Lauren David • Amanda Donohue • Landon Felker
Alex Free • Julia Free • Heather Garritson
Jacklynn Gross • Nicholas Hurd • Alyssa Simon
Ethan Simon • Emily Simon • Luke Stutzman • Seth Wilcox